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Cordoba Bezel Closure

From jul Designs:
The face of the rings has a slightly pillowed shape with a flattened edge.  Like the other closures in the Cordoba collection, the Bezel uses a spring gate ring, which functions like a carabiner, opening to the inside to release one of the tabs and, in this way, allow the garment or accessory to be taken on and off easily. The style of the Cordoba Ring is sleek and unique, offering a gorgeous and interesting alternative to conventional closures and toggles. This closure is beautiful on cardigans and accessories as well as narrow belts made using the full range of needlearts techniques.

The Bezel Closure, like our other screw-in closures, attaches to knitted, crocheted, and loosely woven pieces using threaded cylinders that slide between fibers to be secured on the back with a washer and a screw.

Handmade in the United States

Genuine Leather

3.75 inches long

leather tabs - .5 inches wide

Bezel Ring

.75 inches interior diameter

1.25 inches exterior diameter

weight: 1 ounce